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What is your schedule like this morning?

DifferentMorningphotoMorning Ritual – Copyright 2014 – Leon Cato Photography

Time is certainly relative. And this is rarely demonstrated more clearly than in big cities where the extremes can be VERY extreme.

Sometimes while I am toiling away into the late evening I think about what the other 7,999,999 New Yorkers are doing at that particular moment. Some are working too, while others are partying, spending time with family, crying, rejoicing and sleeping. During these pensive times for me I often marvel at the difference of each person’s path. How each person spends the time we are given.

I take photos. I run my business.

I love my wife. I am there for my friends and family.

To get to this point is a sum of my life experiences. During certain periods I have worked excessively for others, partied and travelled extensively for myself and studied  relentlessly for what I thought was a guaranteed happy future. None of these individual things lead to real happiness, but were all necessary to bring me to today.

Through all the ups and downs of running my photography and image business, I can’t see myself doing anything else. The future will involve continuing to take in all experiences with a certain bit of wisdom and allowing the right elements to contribute to growth; sharing knowledge and experience with others; and sharing time with my life partner and loved ones.

That is how my time will be spent.

Peace Always,


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A Moment of Pause…

9/11 Memorial.

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Take Time…

I am overly pleased to have launched Photo Fundamentals in NYC this week – bit of a milestone to be honest.

But I must admit, as soon as I launched the courses on Wednesday my mind immediately went to other areas of the business. How can I get the word out about A – what should I do about B….and on and on.

Just today, just now actually, I reminded myself to take time.

The course launch, and any other milestone for that matter, should be acknowledged and appreciated – even for a little while.

I took the above photo one day while going to meet up with a friend. I could have easily just looked at this view and kept moving – like I do far too often. But this time I am glad I took the time to admire and capture this moment.



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