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Blind Institute – Guyana, S.A. –  Leon Cato Photography – Copyright 2014

I finally watched the Tim Hetherington Documentary last night. It is impossible to not think about one’s own contribution to this world after watching how Tim selflessly dedicated so much of his life photographing conflict and the human condition.

It certainly makes you rethink why you are doing what you do – and for what purpose.

You give up so much to become a full time artist. But what you really give up is what you have been told you are giving up. The social pressures of material satiation and the fabricated ‘job security’ are what you are regularly reminded of by the mere existence of life in the West.

But once success is not defined by our culture’s guidelines then you are free.

Then you keep going because you feel you are gaining so very much, so the thought of what you are giving up doesn’t really enter your mind much less make you long for a more traditional version of success.

You wake every day knowing there is a lot to do and that you have to get it done. Yes there is the survival aspect, but once that has been satisfied, then it becomes about the whole point of why you are doing this in the first place. And for this reason, you push and push and push. You have to love it. Because some days the love is all you have. But once it becomes part of you – then ‘else’ is not even a thought.



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It has been way too long since I have touched base. I even missed the obligatory Happy New Year blog post. Ah well, lets look onward…like the couple in this shot…

Love and blessings,


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Bridge to the Future…

Took this photograph this past weekend on a photowalk with some really cool photo enthusiast folk that I met for the first time. I realzed  today that it represents the transitional stage of my life right now. Bright, exciting bridge of colour emerging against a contrasting sky. The sky although gray still has a limitless feel to it and the bridge continues into a distance with no clear ending point.

Can’t wait to explore what’s further down the line.

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