A Different Slant

It seems that part of human nature is to allow negative thoughts to jump to the fore of the mind. Call it a morbid fascination of failure or an achievement deficiency, fear of the consequences of doing something different disrupts and defeats the realization of far too many dreams and aspirations.

Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Over half of new businesses fail within the first two years.  Why do we all know these negative “facts”, and more so why are we happy to recite them? How often do you hear, “After the first two years of business, fifty percent of companies start to see real and sustained growth”.

Not nearly as often.

The 2 year anniversary of my photography business is coming up in 17 days. I certainly am excited to see what’s on the other side of this particular hurdle – complete with all the requisite challenges.

Plan on being one of the happier fifty percent.



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