Take Time…

I am overly pleased to have launched Photo Fundamentals in NYC this week – bit of a milestone to be honest.

But I must admit, as soon as I launched the courses on Wednesday my mind immediately went to other areas of the business. How can I get the word out about A – what should I do about B….and on and on.

Just today, just now actually, I reminded myself to take time.

The course launch, and any other milestone for that matter, should be acknowledged and appreciated – even for a little while.

I took the above photo one day while going to meet up with a friend. I could have easily just looked at this view and kept moving – like I do far too often. But this time I am glad I took the time to admire and capture this moment.



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2 observations on “Take Time…
  1. Armand

    I could go to some significant length about this topic. About the fine line of being in the moment and documenting the moment and when ans where that line blurs. But that would detract from this shot which is great. Good thing you took the time.

  2. Lucilleanne

    Thats why we live for the moment cuz…. no one knows. Had we known that the twin towers would have been ni more, we would have appreciated it more and I for one would have deffinately made it a mot to visit. Sadly, I have to just imagin what it would have been like. So yes, I too am happy you were able to capture this….. at the right time!!! Looking forward to many many more… stay blessed.


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