My Work on Show!

This is shaping up to be a great year.

I am so pleased to announce that I will be having a solo exhibition!

Details are in the press release below….if you are in town, please stop by and let me know what you think…..Peace!

rhythmic urbanism
leon cato photography
solo exhibition

Rhythmic Urbanism

In 2006, Freelance Photographer Leon Cato embarked on a 4 year project to capture images of underground Urban musicians in the UK.

Having grown up in NY, Leon was fascinated with the artistic brilliance that lay just under the surface of the commercial music industry in the UK.

The result of the project is a collection of photographs of recording artists and producers who have taken their own angle on the creating “urban” music. These artists have developed        individual sounds and have consistently put out music that is unique, rhythmic and distinctly British. Artists Roll Deep, Shonanis, Mz Fontaine, Lemoy and ddubble are some of the artists on display.

Whether on stage or in studio these shots capture the essence of the artists and their style. “The best part about photographing musicians is being around the music,” said Leon who has lived in London for the past 6 years. “I feel privileged have sampled some real creativity that many people never get to hear. I am a music head to the fullest so this was indeed a fantastic journey”.

The exhibition is being held at Gallery 1885, 16 Bowden Street, London SE11 4DS. The opening is on 20 May 6-9:30pm. – Please rsvp – info@leoncato.com

Following this evening the exhibition will continue to run until 4 June. M-F, 11 – 9pm – Sat and Sun 11 -6pm

Leon Cato is a London-based portrait, music and fashion photographer.
Leon’s work has been published in The Independent as well as on various music and culture websites. Leon’s photographs capture raw emotion from his subjects – a moment and its mood. Leon’s work ranges from location and studio portraits to live music performances, fashion shoots and events.

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8 observations on “My Work on Show!
  1. NaeVal

    Congrats Cuzzie, I’ll be there for the launch night for sure, you are having a launch right?

  2. Kayode Kendall

    Nice work, man! I gotta get back ’round you way so you can make me look good in photos. i want some dynamic shots of me in an international setting!

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  4. Frisco

    Cat, ashamed to say that I have only just managed to check out this site.
    Really good stuff!
    So sorry to not be able to attend tonight but best wishes and I’m sure it will be the first of many successful showings of your talent.


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