Night at the Museum

In doing some research for an upcoming tutorial, I decided to head to the British Museum. Initially there to do research, which to me is pretty awesome in itself, I also took advantage of the opportunity to take some shots. As a portrait photographer, there should have been no surprise what caught my attention – thus the theme of the evening quickly became “People in the Museum looking at history and art and stuff”.



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2 observations on “Night at the Museum
  1. Als Simmons

    picture #2 is cool… Love people watching and discretely and quickly snapping pictures.

    I didn’t know that taking pictures in the museum is allowed? Or were you being sneaky?

  2. Leon Cato

    Yeah, I love snapping away while people don’t notice. Perfect chance to catch them being themselves. Easy in the museum too because you just act like you are taking a shot of the piece that they are observing.

    Yup! Cameras are allowed except in certain exhibits where they have a big “no photography allowed” like in the Buddha portion of the Japanese section.


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